Product Summary

The LAS6381 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for fixed frequency, pulse width modulated, switching converter applications such as step-down, step-up, flyback, foward and voltage inverting dc-to-dc converter and motor control. The LAS6381 includes a temperature compensated voltage reference, sawtooth oscillator with over-current frequency shift.


LAS6381 absolute maximum ratings: (1)control circuit/output collector voltage: 35V; (2)power dissipation: internally limited; (3)storage temperature: -65 to 150℃.


LAS6381 features: (1)mit-temperature performance; (2)dc to 100kHz operation; (3)adjustable output voltage; (4)cycle-by-cycle current limit; (5)internal thermal shutdown; (6)inhibit/enable control pin.


LAS6381 block diagram